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For centuries music has always been a common universal language.  For those blessed enough to experience it, they have learned to use the power of music not only as a medium but as a voice.  Such was the case for four friends dreamed of one day creating a special haven "For Artists by Artists".


Supported by their founding partners they decided to take action and focused all their energy into making their vision become a reality.  Despite finding themselves in the middle of a turbulent 2020 fighting through the global pandemic, Beyond Average Sound was born.

"Our hope was to introduce the modern day artist into a new era of music, one that needs to transcend the new state that the world finds itself in.  We built a strong team of producers and creatives armed with a plethora of new resources backed by amazing talent that can help artists move in ways they could not move in the past.


Our vision was to provide all artists from all backgrounds a place to call their own, and we believe music was meant to unite us not divide.  That's who we are at Beyond Average Sound.  Welcome home."

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built on reputation

Los Angeles based multi-media sound company, Beyond Average has built its name on providing award winning industry standard audio production & post-production services.

Known throughout the music industry as a rising and emerging multi-media production enterprise, Beyond Average prides itself in offering nothing but the best industry standard production quality to musicians, film producer, broadcast companies and national brands.


To provide a platform for artists to launch beyond the limitations of circumstances providing services cultivating a community of creatives pushing forward innovation and cultural impact through music, media and art. Our goal is to be the destination and a haven built for the artists, by artists. 




- Raj Will



Subscribe to Beyond Average Sound's customized flagship program offered with VIP membership and monthly pricing providing a personalized package of services along with access to our multiple studios/resources.

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